Jedi Restaurant Package
Jedi Restaurant...
You know your restaurant best, let's be with our technology to achieve your goals.

Sensitive touch screen

Whether 5 or 7 inch Android operating system
Let your waiters take your order with handheld terminals
Jedi Digital Menu
Digital Menu
Easy to control design and the possibility of changes to suit your request...

Your customers can order from the 7"tablet on the table
It may take time until the order arrives
Orders are printed in the kitchen and POS printers in the case
Jedi hotel menu
Hotel V1...
The hotel V1 program will increase the satisfaction of your customers and you.

Your customer can make a Sauna, hairdresser, massage appointment via tv
You Can Rent A Car
Can see restaurant menu, order
Jedi Circle Automation Systems
Apartment Automation Systems
The possibility to watch your home from your mobile phone or computer 24 hours a day from the camera on the Tablet...

Leave video and text messages to the desired apartment
Open the external door automatically from the tablet screen
The possibility of all apartments having video conversations with each other.
Jedi Training Practices
Jedi Training Practices...
You know your restaurant best, let's be with our technology to achieve your goals.

Classrooms can be designed specifically for language schools
Online distance education for private educational institutions
With Jedi Tablet PCs, you can carry a whole library with you
Jedi Advertising And Remote Control Systems
Android-Based Advertising-Remote Control Systems...
Advertising control system for buses and Dolmus , equipment rental possibility...

Advertising control system for vehicles
Economic advertising applications for buses, Dolmuş
Gets automatic updates at the stop with the central system.

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