Jedi Wenn Tab 10" Tablet PC

Wenn tab 10 "large size perfect experience A133 processor pushing the limits performance While keeping the performance at the top with the advanced technology completely renewed a133 processor, wenn tab 10", which offers long-term battery life with less battery consumption, guarantees that it will always be with you. It manages to dazzle with its superior performance, whether playing the latest games or in your daily work. 10 inch IPS LCD screen Wenn tab 10, which takes your movie pleasure up and down with its huge 10 inch screen, gives you the feeling of living the movie with its superior screen color. With this feature that pushes the limits of its competitors, it does a ton of good work from them. Grab your Wenn tab 10” and enjoy the movie. 32 gb internal storage Another feature that puts the price forward in performance! Offering 2 times more internal storage than its competitors, wenn tab 10” guarantees that it will never let you down. With its high storage area, it helps you to cope not only with your daily work but also with your hardest work. 2 gb ram It continues to meet your needs with its high-speed ram and ram capacity suitable for the technology of the age. With such a high ram capacity, it can run smoothly even in applications that require high processing power, aside from the interface freezing problem. It will be exciting to make this high-standard tablet a part of your family. 5000 mah battery capacity 5000 mah battery with Li-Ion technology was developed to give you long screen time. Put the sentence "what if my battery runs out" you are afraid of with wenn tab 10”. With its high-tech battery, it can withstand tens of thousands of recharges. If you want to have a high battery capacity by constantly charging or traveling with a powerbank, wenn tab 10” can do this for you. 5 mp camera 5 mp high resolution camera developed with special lenses. Record your every special moment in high quality. To get this privilege, buy one now and enjoy high quality photos. While looking at your memories, experience the happiness of quality! Perfect design The perfect fit and non-slip design reduces the risk of dropping it to a very low level. The design of your finger away from the lens while taking a photo also prevents foreign objects from coming out in the corner of the photo you take.
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