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Jedi Robotics and Coding Robotics and Coding education provides children with skills in science, problem solving, project-based thinking, and more.

Jedi Tablet Mobile TechnologiesOur company is a "customer-specific" device in the field of Consumer Electronics; develops software and hardware.

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Jedi Mobile Technologies

Our products are native and original designs. We can make different designs or software according to your needs. We continue our work with many public / private institutions and companies. Our R&D studies continue with the participation of universities. that you may encounter in our products, we provide the service for a short time and results-oriented services we provide in our own constitution and Turkey.

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Jedi Robotics and Coding

With the development of technology in today's world, there have been developments in many branches. One of them is robotic coding. One of the areas where robotic coding is the most successful is schools. Many students have reached important points in terms of both creativity and manufacturability. It is a type of coding used in the context of the context. Thanks to the robotic coding, it can see the movements of the robot with the codes written and develop the work it will do accordingly. Why is robotic coding so important?
Students learn many different ways of learning with robotic coding. By this coding, they become unfamiliar architects and engineers in this field.

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Jedi Robotik ve Kodlama

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